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We love poker, everything about poker. Chances are you found us because you have the same passion as we do. Or maybe you were searching because you are curious about poker. Either way, you are on the right website. We are here for the experienced players and the newborns, sharks or chickens, gamblers or those who play just for fun. Welcome to a gaming site where we can all come together to share knowledge, funny stories and tips.

Under this one roof, you will learn the history of the greatest card game ever invented. You will also be able to find out about the variations of the basic game and the most popular forms. Read some commentary from some of the experts and professionals in this sport. Yes, we said sport. If race walking, curling and live pigeon shooting can make it to the Olympics, we can call poker playing a sport doggone it.

Under whatever circumstance you found us, we are glad you are here. Please enjoy browsing, checking under our hood and kicking the tires. We promise you will have fun and learn a thing or two along the way. Now, repeat after me: WE LOVE POKER.

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