“Boosted J” to Plead Guilty to Charges

Professional poker player Justin “Boosted J” Smith will plead guilty in court for the charge of taking a payment from Internet gambling. Smith is not the only poker player involved. Fellow card shark Edward Ting will plead the same to charges of operating an illegal gambling business. Both of the crimes carry up to a maximum of 5 years in jail. Smith and Ting are only 2 of the 34 individuals indicted in this widespread case of illegal gambling activity where the proceeds ended up with the Russian mob.


Other poker superstars were also in the group indicted, with Smith being the best known. Peter Feldman, Bill Edler and Abe Mosseri are also world class poker players on the list. The crime ring, which was being watched by the FBI, was charged with numerous counts that stemmed from hosting illegal big-stake poker games for celebrities and other high class individuals. Money from the games ended up being laundered and delivered to Moscow Mobs. This is a gamble that the fellows should not have risked.