Can You Win at Blackjack Without Card Counting?



One of the most popular casino games in the world, blackjack is played by millions of people who all hope to win big at the table. However, the house has a slight advantage over players in every hand that is played. This means that the more you play, the more you might be losing. In order to overcome these odds, a lot of players like to learn various card counting strategies. They believe this is the only way to tip the odds in their favor.

There are hundreds of successful blackjack card counters who probably make a living by drifting from casino to casino, winning big at a few games, and never coming back. However, experts believe that this is not the only way to be successful. They claim that you can win consistently at blackjack without resorting to illegal and unethical card counting strategies.

You Do NOT Need to Card Count –

Leon Dubey, a famous blackjack player from the 1980s, is one of the most prominent voices against card counting in blackjack. He published a book where he talked about different ways to be successful at the game. None involved counting cards.

His method of being successful at blackjack can be labelled “situational awareness”. The idea behind his system is that you do not need to keep a mathematical track of the cards that have been dealt in previous hands. Instead, a player must simply be aware of the game’s situation and bet accordingly.

He claims that clever blackjack players can use the outcomes of the previous one or two hands to predict what will happen in the next hand. This is not an exact science, but it has been proven to work in the past.Win at blackjack

For example, if a non ace pair shows up and is split by the dealer, the player should have higher expectations of winning. In contrast, if there is an ace split those expectations should drop. In addition, hands that involve four cards or more (for either the dealer or player) are followed by a hand where the player has a higher chance of winning.

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