Reap Maximum Earnings from the Leading UK Casino Bonuses

The realm of casino gaming has always been an enticing option of earning for the players who look forward to making some quick cash with their gambling talent. UK is well known as one of the gambling zones where there are minimal restrictions and the casino bonuses are quite good for the new and existing players. Adding to this possibility are the UK casinos online that offer quite good bonuses to attract more players to their organisations.

One of the promising names in this regard is the Gaming Club, which is also the oldest casino online. This casino with a long standing reputation in Britain offers 100% bonus till £100.


William Hill is another well-known name with a casino bonus amount ranging till £150. Landbroke Casino is giving till £25 free chips.

With £800 free 888 Casino offers the security of playing through popular Casino Software. You can also enjoy gaming with Jackpot City Online Casino offers a bonus of £500 for free. Casino UK is one of the best online casinos offering £200 bonus amount.

Bet365 Casino offers a huge bonus of 100% £150. The welcome package from UK Casino Club amounts to a whooping £700. While Guts Casino offers bonus ranging to £300. Betway Casino’s welcome package of £1000 is a great enticement for the online casino players in UK. Gala Casino offers a signup bonus amount of £400.

There are a number of online guides to help you find the best mobile casino bonuses in the UK. These online guides take you to the biggest casinos offering the biggest bonuses to the players.

If you are still looking for the ultimate fun and entertainment then Casino Tropez has it right here with their amazing welcome bonus of a towering £3000. What’s more, you have more than 100 games to choose from.

Poker Players Uses Talents on Game Show

Jacob has been competing on the quiz show for the past six days

Many people may not see the connection between poker or online poker and the incredibly popular quiz show Jeopardy!. However, people who follow the poker megastar Alex Jacob certainly see the two as related. Jacob has been competing on the quiz show for the past six days. His unorthodox playing strategy seems to be paying off for him. Normally, players stay within categories on the Jeopardy! quiz board. Since the questions get progressively harder in each category, it makes sense to stay within the categories to allow your brain to stay connected with the topic. Jacobs isn’t doing that. He is tackling the quiz board differently.

Jacob jumps from topic to topic when he has control of the game board. There are two results of this unorthodox strategy. First, it throws off his opponents. They aren’t able to stay focused on a single topic. Secondly, Jacob is actually jumping around the board to find all of the daily doubles. These surprise screens allow him to wager his money on the question. As a poker player, this wagering comes naturally! Jacob is able to gain nearly insurmountable leads once he finds the daily doubles. If Jacob is shaky on the category, he will simply bet low on a daily double. Yes, he won’t make money off of the bet. However, this strategy prevents his opponents from getting the doubles.

Reaction to Alex Jacobs by Jeopardy! fans on Twitter has been polarizing. Some people think he is an intense genius who will be the best contestant ever. Other viewers think he is a sick psychopath out to destroy the integrity of the game. As poker players, it’s certainly hard not to admire the guy! What do you think?

Nevada Now Offers Betting On Virtual Horse Races

Wagers will soon be offered by books of Nevada race with respect to events that don’t end up actually taking place. Last month, virtual events related betting was made legal by the Gaming Commission and it also gave a nod to Olympics wagering. At present regulatory approval is being awaited by sports and race book operators with respect to technology so as to organize virtual races.

Betting made legal by the Gaming Commission

The proposal was being led by William Hill along with various other firms filing documents backing the idea. In the United Kingdom, it is presently legal.


Declining popularity of virtual events

Joe Asher, who is the CEO at William Hill United States was reported saying that virtual events would serve as ‘filler content’ while the actual horse races were going on. These events have lost their popularity over a period of time as a result of a declining fan base. There has also been the advent of more interesting forms of entertainment and gambling which have taken over in terms of popularity.


Technology for virtual events

The technology in question is very similar to what looks like live version of a video game race. It would have the names and odds for the tracks and horses. However, as opposed to how it happens in real life, an arbitrary number generator would determine the outcomes and the odds.

Asher added that each race is treated like a separate event. This would prevent bettors from seeing virtual horses move from one race to another.

Tony Alamo, Commission Chairman was full of enthusiasm with regards to launching virtual events. In an interview, he said that even though they might not be big source of revenue, they would enable operators to generate some earnings off the time in between the races.