Chip Reese – Poker Legend

Chip Reese

Many people have praised Chip Reese during his life. The most praise he gets comes from his fellow professionals, which is always a telling sign of someone’s quality. Doyle Brunson once said that Reese was “without a doubt the best poker player who has ever played the game.” Although he passed away in 2007, Chip Reese’s memory lives on with his lovely family and through his reputation on the poker table.

Unlike other professional players, Reese had a very comfortable early life. He was born into an affluent family, did well in school and ended up at Dartmouth College. It was at Dartmouth that he developed his passion for poker and card games. He would destroy other players on the table, no matter who played against him. There is even a poker room named after him at a fraternity in Dartmouth.

After he finished his four years at college, Reese went to Vegas in order to win big. A few thousand dollars eventually became millions, and Chip Reese was now a famous professional poker player. His achievements are legendary. He won the WSOP title three times, along with numerous second and third placed finishes. He was the youngest man to be added to poker’s hall of fame in 1991.

Chip Reese is also famous for his contribution to the popular Super System of poker. The Super System was developed by Doyle Brunson, but a lot of the work was Reese’s. This collaboration between the two sealed their friendship and admiration for each other. The last major victory for Chip Reese was in 2006, when he won a $50,000 buy in HORSE Tournament. He won the grand prize of $1.5 million. Reese had only participated in the event because his family urged him to get back in the game. They wanted to see their hero on TV.