End of the Atlantic Era

Atlantic City

Out with the old and in with the new, is set to be the new plan for Atlantic City. A dedicated gambling resort stop for patrons along the East Coast, Atlantic City has been one of the few locations in the country to exercise legal gambling for close to three decades.

Shifting from a gambling centric city to one that provides a broadened and diversified economy, the infamous boardwalk along the coast in Atlantic City is set to reinvent itself. With four of the major casino and entertainment enterprises shut down this year and yet another closure looming in the near future, only eight casinos remain in this once gaming and leisure hub.

Future prospectsInside casino

Spinning on its heels, Atlantic City hopes to eventually recover from its downward economic spiral by alluring tourists to experience live events in music, sports, and culture centric shows. Revel Casino is most likely to reopen next year in a fresh and exciting avatar. Stockton College looks to expand and develop a new campus where popular gaming centre Atlantic Club or Showboat once shone in glory.

Long-term aim of the city is to transform and reinvent itself to entice tech companies and start-up businesses to establish themselves in AC with efforts to rejuvenate city and state economy.

A fresh start

Times are hard now in Atlantic City with an estimated 10,000 people reliant on the casino industry to lose their jobs. Though, all said and done, the city is set to improve its position with increased job placement programs, along with improved municipal bureaucracy, and beautified public parks.

More attention is to be given to less frequented quaint ocean neighbourhoods that so far have been overshadowed by the casino industry, providing locals the opportunity to once again revive the spirit of tourism-oriented businesses and entrepreneurship. The resurgence of indigenous small scale clubs, hotels and restaurants hopes to invite and serve family vacationers looking to relax and have a good time.

Beach-front stores and shops are geared to bring back old school sentiments of the sea side health resort that once popularised the Boardwalk in Atlantic City.