Keno with a Difference


The casinos in Las Vegas have their own norms when it comes to awarding keno winners to increase popularity and betting levels. While California casino provides $16000 for 7-7 and $14000 for 80 cent games, Freemont pays exactly the same rate for its pop 80 cent games.

Other casinos like Golden Nugget, Deano Rate, El Cortez, D and MegaKeno are following suit and making attractive 7 spot and 8 spot payouts. With falling revenues and lacklustre spending by regular customers, casinos are offering attractive prizes and comfortable chairs to customers playing special rate games.

Big wins

Customers keen on trying out their luck can use tickets to play 3 of 7 or 5 for 7 which can help them win high end payouts of $10000 if they land a solid 7. Players of keno in a casino like the El Cortez can try 2-3-3-3 and play at Mega 10 with possibility of payouts in the range of $ 1 Million. The game here follows a similar technique which was showcased in “Every which way but loose” where the mafia boss was always betting with six zeroes after 1. Players who regard the keno favourite among all gambling games can play 10-spot with a ticket cost of only $5.10.

The Megakeno experience

Regular players of MegaKeno who want to increase their chances at the jackpot have to play either 4-7 or 5-9 spots on a ticket of $3.50 or $1.50 which will make them eligible for progressive jackpot of Keno. Combination ticket allows players to explore different rates during keno game as long as it is marked with varied desired rates to enable payout after a win. The best places to play MegaKeno and Mega10 at Last Vegas are El Cortez and Excalibur casinos.

Players, who prefer playing small stakes and try their luck at multiple games to increase their chances at winning, can play for 7 spots with a 40 or 50 cent rate with ticket of $ 5.10 or $ 5.50— whichever is preferable. At Excalibur, keno players can play 21 games with a ticket of $ 8.40 which can be extended over a year.