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The PGA (Professional Gamblers Association)

The similarities between the PGA TOUR and the World Series of Poker Tour are jarringly apparent. Both tours are a grueling test of skill and luck, with skill occupying a vast majority of the requirements. While not exactly poker, the 1k ‘3-Day’ Survivor Tournament is another such of these contests, where only one competitor can rise to the rank of The Greatest.


The 1k ‘3-Day’ Survivor tourney is no joke. A whopping 1000 entrants will be selected to take part in this brawl-heavy melee. After dropping the 4 EUR entrance fee, these hopeful gambling greats-to-be will wage an all-out war against each other in hopes of attaining the ultimate victory. This tourney occurs on 2015/10/19 00:10, amid the GMT + 1:00 (BMT) time zone.

Argyle Open online video slot


Why all the talk about golf? Well, take a long, hard look at the Argyle Open online video slot. This golf-themed apparatus succinctly recreates a sunny day on the green, with perfectly-synced visuals and blaring soundtrack. Check out our list of specifics for this entertaining slot:

  • Wild and Scatter functions increase already lucrative payouts!
  • 40 paylines and 5 reels! It is nearly impossible to have a bad run on this machine!
  • The Argyle Open distinguishes itself from other slots with its 2,000,000 coin Max Jackpot!

Sound good? Enter now, and good luck!

Will Sports Betting Ever Become Legal in Canada?

In 2015, three major sporting events were hosted in Canada. The first was the FIFA Women’s World Cup, which was followed by the CONCACAF Gold Cup and the Pan American Games. These events brought about plenty of discussion on the topic of revenue, which was certainly welcomed by federal and provincial officials. Meanwhile, however, lawmakers pondered on what to do with Bill C-290, which would finally legalize single-sports betting in Canada.

betting in Canada

The Current Status of Sports Betting in Canada

As of early August 2015, Bill C-290 had passed the House of Commons but was languishing in the Senate. Even by Canadian legislative standards, this bill has moved at a glacial pace since March 2012. At one point, the National Basketball Association (NBA) opposed the bill, but later changed its position when sports betting in the United States seemed to be moving towards limited legalization in some states.

In Canada, placing bets on sports is only allowed through the parlay system on a limited number of games. Aside from parlays and private bets between two individuals, sports betting in Canada is mentioned in the Criminal Code as a punishable offense. Unlike the United States, however, Canadian enforcement of this provision is lax.

Many Canadian fans of sports wagering simply take their funds and action offshore. They may place their bets through sportsbooks based in Costa Rica, and they don’t have to worry too much about a tactical team raiding their homes in the midst of placing bets on a hockey game, a situation which is not uncommon in the U.S.

What Bill C-290 is trying to do is find some common ground to allow the provincial gaming regulators such as Loto Quebec and the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corp to legally get into the business of bookmaking.

Best Casino-Mate Games – Avalon

The Avalon Casino-Mate slot game has a rather glamorous theme featuring 5 reels and 20 paylines. Along with a scatter sign, it also has a wild and is a product of Microgaming, the industry leader in casino software globally.

A combination of three scatter symbols can lead the player into a Free Spins Bonus Game segment. Here, the player has the chance to earn twelve free spins. It is possible to win greater free spins during the Free Spins Bonus Game. In addition to this, with the Gamble Bonus Game, players can double/quadruple their winnings post achieving a win on reels.

It’s easy to start playing the Avalon game slot in Casino-Mate.

Convenience features

Being a product of Microgaming, Avalon has a variety of options for player convenience. For instance, it offers sound adjustment (even shut off) during game play.

The Autoplay option can be used while in the “Expert Mode”. This reduces the game interaction and the player is able to undertake automatic play for a particular count of spins. It is also possible to invoke the “Quick Spin” option.

It’s easy to start playing the Avalon game slot in Casino-Mate. You simply need to click “spin” to begin. Obviously, certain things need to be done so as to define the parameters with respect to each spin.

Easy game adjustments

It is possible to make adjustments to the size of the coin being used (click on (-) or (++) controls). Similar kinds of adjustments can be made to the paylines using the same controls under the “Lines”.

Alternatively, if you “Bet Max”, the software automatically wagers the highest amount allowed for you. It is possible to ‘View Payout’ using 2 blue buttons. Players are taken to a payout tables that indicate the exact payout which can be expected for every possible winning combination.

Reap Maximum Earnings from the Leading UK Casino Bonuses

The realm of casino gaming has always been an enticing option of earning for the players who look forward to making some quick cash with their gambling talent. UK is well known as one of the gambling zones where there are minimal restrictions and the casino bonuses are quite good for the new and existing players. Adding to this possibility are the UK casinos online that offer quite good bonuses to attract more players to their organisations.

One of the promising names in this regard is the Gaming Club, which is also the oldest casino online. This casino with a long standing reputation in Britain offers 100% bonus till £100.


William Hill is another well-known name with a casino bonus amount ranging till £150. Landbroke Casino is giving till £25 free chips.

With £800 free 888 Casino offers the security of playing through popular Casino Software. You can also enjoy gaming with Jackpot City Online Casino offers a bonus of £500 for free. Casino UK is one of the best online casinos offering £200 bonus amount.

Bet365 Casino offers a huge bonus of 100% £150. The welcome package from UK Casino Club amounts to a whooping £700. While Guts Casino offers bonus ranging to £300. Betway Casino’s welcome package of £1000 is a great enticement for the online casino players in UK. Gala Casino offers a signup bonus amount of £400.

There are a number of online guides to help you find the best mobile casino bonuses in the UK. These online guides take you to the biggest casinos offering the biggest bonuses to the players.

If you are still looking for the ultimate fun and entertainment then Casino Tropez has it right here with their amazing welcome bonus of a towering £3000. What’s more, you have more than 100 games to choose from.

Poker Players Uses Talents on Game Show

Jacob has been competing on the quiz show for the past six days

Many people may not see the connection between poker or online poker and the incredibly popular quiz show Jeopardy!. However, people who follow the poker megastar Alex Jacob certainly see the two as related. Jacob has been competing on the quiz show for the past six days. His unorthodox playing strategy seems to be paying off for him. Normally, players stay within categories on the Jeopardy! quiz board. Since the questions get progressively harder in each category, it makes sense to stay within the categories to allow your brain to stay connected with the topic. Jacobs isn’t doing that. He is tackling the quiz board differently.

Jacob jumps from topic to topic when he has control of the game board. There are two results of this unorthodox strategy. First, it throws off his opponents. They aren’t able to stay focused on a single topic. Secondly, Jacob is actually jumping around the board to find all of the daily doubles. These surprise screens allow him to wager his money on the question. As a poker player, this wagering comes naturally! Jacob is able to gain nearly insurmountable leads once he finds the daily doubles. If Jacob is shaky on the category, he will simply bet low on a daily double. Yes, he won’t make money off of the bet. However, this strategy prevents his opponents from getting the doubles.

Reaction to Alex Jacobs by Jeopardy! fans on Twitter has been polarizing. Some people think he is an intense genius who will be the best contestant ever. Other viewers think he is a sick psychopath out to destroy the integrity of the game. As poker players, it’s certainly hard not to admire the guy! What do you think?

Nevada Now Offers Betting On Virtual Horse Races

Wagers will soon be offered by books of Nevada race with respect to events that don’t end up actually taking place. Last month, virtual events related betting was made legal by the Gaming Commission and it also gave a nod to Olympics wagering. At present regulatory approval is being awaited by sports and race book operators with respect to technology so as to organize virtual races.

Betting made legal by the Gaming Commission

The proposal was being led by William Hill along with various other firms filing documents backing the idea. In the United Kingdom, it is presently legal.


Declining popularity of virtual events

Joe Asher, who is the CEO at William Hill United States was reported saying that virtual events would serve as ‘filler content’ while the actual horse races were going on. These events have lost their popularity over a period of time as a result of a declining fan base. There has also been the advent of more interesting forms of entertainment and gambling which have taken over in terms of popularity.


Technology for virtual events

The technology in question is very similar to what looks like live version of a video game race. It would have the names and odds for the tracks and horses. However, as opposed to how it happens in real life, an arbitrary number generator would determine the outcomes and the odds.

Asher added that each race is treated like a separate event. This would prevent bettors from seeing virtual horses move from one race to another.

Tony Alamo, Commission Chairman was full of enthusiasm with regards to launching virtual events. In an interview, he said that even though they might not be big source of revenue, they would enable operators to generate some earnings off the time in between the races.

One New Year, Three New Mobile Games

Looks like Golden Riviera Mobile’s New Year resolution is to provide non-stop fun to its players. Probably that is why the casino has kickstarted 2015 by adding three new games to its site. These games were introduced on the site on January 7 and are already catching up with mobile game players. Which are the games and what do they have to offer? Here is a look.

Golden Riviera New Mobile Games

Sure Win

The first one is an exciting 25-payline slot game named Sure Win, which the makers claim is more thrilling than actual horse racing! Then it sure has to be tried, isn’t it? The game offers a Gamble feature and a Free Spins race that can help you boost your winnings.


Vegas Downtime Blackjack Gold

If you love Blackjack, you need to give this one a try. Players have been spellbound by its realistic graphics while the premium features are keeping them happy too.


Big Kahuna

The five-reel game is rewarding and entertaining all the way no matter which of the two gameplays you choose.


Word from the casino

Max Stern, the spokesperson and manager of the casino believes that the three offerings are perfect to welcome the new year. The casino is hopeful about the year and wants it to be a fulfilling one even for its players. Presently, the site offers more than 30 mobile games, which are provided by one of the top players of gaming software, Microgaming Systems. Apart from providing the best user experience, the software focuses on the security of the players and providing multiple banking options.

New players can win a 3-Tier Deposit Bonus at the casino, which offers up to £1,400 within the first three deposits. You get a 100 percent matched bonus on your first deposit, meaning a deposit of £100 will give you £200. For the second deposit, the amount is matched up to 25 percent while the third one matches to 50 percent.

Chess Master Checkmates Competition for Richest Open-Face Poker Title

A chess master had all the right moves when it came to the richest Open-Face Chinese Poker tournament in history. On December 9, 2014, American grand chess master Jennifer Shahade pocketed the €100,000 first-prize for winning the Open-Face Chinese Poker World Championship High Roller event at King’s Casino in Prague. Shahade trumped a field of 23 top professional gamblers to take home the prize money and a winner’s championship belt.
Shahade, a two-time American women’s chess champion, was able to outlast her opponents and claim the title after 13 hours of competition. According to Shahade, the €10,000 buy-in was the largest she had ever paid for a tournament. In addition, it was also the first time that she played Pineapple in a live tournament. She started out slowly but was able to get stronger as the event stretched on.

Several successful poker players entered the event including poker superstar Jason Mercier. Shahade and Mercier engaged in several spirited duels throughout the course of the tournament, with Shahade eventually gaining the upper hand. Chess tournament Jennifer ShahadeMercier was one of the pre-tournament favourites thanks to past Open-Faced Chinese Poker successes including winning the 2013 European Poker Tour Grand Final OFC event.

Open-Faced Chinese Poker involves players getting 13 cards from a communal deck and attempting to make the best two five-card and one three-card poker hands possible. Cards are arranged one card at a time, so players must decide if the card should belong with the higher or lower five-card hand or as part of the three-card hand. The best five-card hand must be better than the other five-card hand, which in turn must be higher than the three card hand.

End of the Atlantic Era

Out with the old and in with the new, is set to be the new plan for Atlantic City. A dedicated gambling resort stop for patrons along the East Coast, Atlantic City has been one of the few locations in the country to exercise legal gambling for close to three decades.

Shifting from a gambling centric city to one that provides a broadened and diversified economy, the infamous boardwalk along the coast in Atlantic City is set to reinvent itself. With four of the major casino and entertainment enterprises shut down this year and yet another closure looming in the near future, only eight casinos remain in this once gaming and leisure hub.

Future prospectsInside casino

Spinning on its heels, Atlantic City hopes to eventually recover from its downward economic spiral by alluring tourists to experience live events in music, sports, and culture centric shows. Revel Casino is most likely to reopen next year in a fresh and exciting avatar. Stockton College looks to expand and develop a new campus where popular gaming centre Atlantic Club or Showboat once shone in glory.

Long-term aim of the city is to transform and reinvent itself to entice tech companies and start-up businesses to establish themselves in AC with efforts to rejuvenate city and state economy.

A fresh start

Times are hard now in Atlantic City with an estimated 10,000 people reliant on the casino industry to lose their jobs. Though, all said and done, the city is set to improve its position with increased job placement programs, along with improved municipal bureaucracy, and beautified public parks.

More attention is to be given to less frequented quaint ocean neighbourhoods that so far have been overshadowed by the casino industry, providing locals the opportunity to once again revive the spirit of tourism-oriented businesses and entrepreneurship. The resurgence of indigenous small scale clubs, hotels and restaurants hopes to invite and serve family vacationers looking to relax and have a good time.

Beach-front stores and shops are geared to bring back old school sentiments of the sea side health resort that once popularised the Boardwalk in Atlantic City.


Chip Reese – Poker Legend

Many people have praised Chip Reese during his life. The most praise he gets comes from his fellow professionals, which is always a telling sign of someone’s quality. Doyle Brunson once said that Reese was “without a doubt the best poker player who has ever played the game.” Although he passed away in 2007, Chip Reese’s memory lives on with his lovely family and through his reputation on the poker table.

Unlike other professional players, Reese had a very comfortable early life. He was born into an affluent family, did well in school and ended up at Dartmouth College. It was at Dartmouth that he developed his passion for poker and card games. He would destroy other players on the table, no matter who played against him. There is even a poker room named after him at a fraternity in Dartmouth.

After he finished his four years at college, Reese went to Vegas in order to win big. A few thousand dollars eventually became millions, and Chip Reese was now a famous professional poker player. His achievements are legendary. He won the WSOP title three times, along with numerous second and third placed finishes. He was the youngest man to be added to poker’s hall of fame in 1991.

Chip Reese is also famous for his contribution to the popular Super System of poker. The Super System was developed by Doyle Brunson, but a lot of the work was Reese’s. This collaboration between the two sealed their friendship and admiration for each other. The last major victory for Chip Reese was in 2006, when he won a $50,000 buy in HORSE Tournament. He won the grand prize of $1.5 million. Reese had only participated in the event because his family urged him to get back in the game. They wanted to see their hero on TV.