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“Boosted J” to Plead Guilty to Charges

Professional poker player Justin “Boosted J” Smith will plead guilty in court for the charge of taking a payment from Internet gambling. Smith is not the only poker player involved. Fellow card shark Edward Ting will plead the same to charges of operating an illegal gambling business. Both of the crimes carry up to a maximum of 5 years in jail. Smith and Ting are only 2 of the 34 individuals indicted in this widespread case of illegal gambling activity where the proceeds ended up with the Russian mob.


Other poker superstars were also in the group indicted, with Smith being the best known. Peter Feldman, Bill Edler and Abe Mosseri are also world class poker players on the list. The crime ring, which was being watched by the FBI, was charged with numerous counts that stemmed from hosting illegal big-stake poker games for celebrities and other high class individuals. Money from the games ended up being laundered and delivered to Moscow Mobs. This is a gamble that the fellows should not have risked.

Keno with a Difference

The casinos in Las Vegas have their own norms when it comes to awarding keno winners to increase popularity and betting levels. While California casino provides $16000 for 7-7 and $14000 for 80 cent games, Freemont pays exactly the same rate for its pop 80 cent games.

Other casinos like Golden Nugget, Deano Rate, El Cortez, D and MegaKeno are following suit and making attractive 7 spot and 8 spot payouts. With falling revenues and lacklustre spending by regular customers, casinos are offering attractive prizes and comfortable chairs to customers playing special rate games.

Big wins

Customers keen on trying out their luck can use tickets to play 3 of 7 or 5 for 7 which can help them win high end payouts of $10000 if they land a solid 7. Players of keno in a casino like the El Cortez can try 2-3-3-3 and play at Mega 10 with possibility of payouts in the range of $ 1 Million. The game here follows a similar technique which was showcased in “Every which way but loose” where the mafia boss was always betting with six zeroes after 1. Players who regard the keno favourite among all gambling games can play 10-spot with a ticket cost of only $5.10.

The Megakeno experience

Regular players of MegaKeno who want to increase their chances at the jackpot have to play either 4-7 or 5-9 spots on a ticket of $3.50 or $1.50 which will make them eligible for progressive jackpot of Keno. Combination ticket allows players to explore different rates during keno game as long as it is marked with varied desired rates to enable payout after a win. The best places to play MegaKeno and Mega10 at Last Vegas are El Cortez and Excalibur casinos.

Players, who prefer playing small stakes and try their luck at multiple games to increase their chances at winning, can play for 7 spots with a 40 or 50 cent rate with ticket of $ 5.10 or $ 5.50— whichever is preferable. At Excalibur, keno players can play 21 games with a ticket of $ 8.40 which can be extended over a year.


Can You Win at Blackjack Without Card Counting?


One of the most popular casino games in the world, blackjack is played by millions of people who all hope to win big at the table. However, the house has a slight advantage over players in every hand that is played. This means that the more you play, the more you might be losing. In order to overcome these odds, a lot of players like to learn various card counting strategies. They believe this is the only way to tip the odds in their favor.

There are hundreds of successful blackjack card counters who probably make a living by drifting from casino to casino, winning big at a few games, and never coming back. However, experts believe that this is not the only way to be successful. They claim that you can win consistently at blackjack without resorting to illegal and unethical card counting strategies.

You Do NOT Need to Card Count –

Leon Dubey, a famous blackjack player from the 1980s, is one of the most prominent voices against card counting in blackjack. He published a book where he talked about different ways to be successful at the game. None involved counting cards.

His method of being successful at blackjack can be labelled “situational awareness”. The idea behind his system is that you do not need to keep a mathematical track of the cards that have been dealt in previous hands. Instead, a player must simply be aware of the game’s situation and bet accordingly.

He claims that clever blackjack players can use the outcomes of the previous one or two hands to predict what will happen in the next hand. This is not an exact science, but it has been proven to work in the past.Win at blackjack

For example, if a non ace pair shows up and is split by the dealer, the player should have higher expectations of winning. In contrast, if there is an ace split those expectations should drop. In addition, hands that involve four cards or more (for either the dealer or player) are followed by a hand where the player has a higher chance of winning.

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Craps: Safe No-Strategy-Required Bets for Beginners and Avid Gamblers Alike

At a casino you’re going to have a lot of options that you can choose from. They truly are like adult playgrounds or arcades, with a plethora of attractive and fun looking games to choose from, some of which will provide more of a thrill and some of which will provide a safer game. Although craps really is a game of chance, with no real strategy or skill involved in the game play itself, it’s one that can provide some of the best odds in the house without requiring an extensive system of card-counting, bet-counting, or strategizing in a way that has you scraping to remember your high school algebra classes.

Craps is a game that does offer the potential for thrills and chills if you choose to bet large sums of money on the high-pay-out spaces. And it’s certainly a table and game that generates a great deal of fun because of this element. It’s also one, however, that provides two relatively low-risk alternatives for betting which lower the house odds to less than 1.5%. These two betting options, as most are aware, are the pass bet and the “don’t pass bet”.

These two betting lines offer some of the best odds you’ll get in the house. The “don’t pass bet” is the one that provides the lowest risk possible in a game of craps, at 1.36%. There are many advantages to placing your bets on the don’t pass bet, including the even money pay-out. Unlike with the pass bet, the “don’t pass bet” offers a lower risk because of the establishment of the 12-point push on the out roll. The push is certainly a better option than the resulting loss that is designated on an out roll of 12 with the pass bet.Craps No Strategy Betting

It’s often recommended that newcomers to the world of casinos place their bets on the pass bet line at the beginning of their gaming endeavors. While it’s slightly more risky, it’s also one which provides a better payoff. And the extra 0.04% risk is often something people are willing to undertake.

At the end of the day these two bets at the craps tables (and craps tables in general) are really kind of the equalizers of casinos. Novices can play with old “pros,” no strategy is required, and there’s plenty of fun to be had by all.

Spotted: Celebrities Partying In Vegas

Did you know that Vegas advertises itself as The Entertainment Capital of the World? Not without good reason we say! The city throws some of the most lavish parties in the world and is a massive celebrity hot-spot.


Khloe and Shaquille O’Neal in Vegas

Spotted during the first week of July were former NBA star and four-time champion Shaquille O’Neal, as well as reality star Khloe Kardashian. Now, celebrating birthdays in Vegas is a ritual for the Kardashian sisters.

O’Neal hung out at the Azure Pool at the Palazzo late into the afternoon and then headed to the Chateau Nightclub at Paris Las Vegas for a night of partying. The younger Kardashian was spotted at the TAO Nightclub and the Asian Bistro at Venetian Hotel, toasting to her 30th birthday with her new man French Montana.

Fancy some star gazing yourself?

If you do, head to Las Vegas! It’s the place that let’s brag about moving and shaking in the same club as your favourite celebrity. Vegas is the party destination of the Who’s Who in the world, and not just the Hollywood glitterati!

Right from George Clooney and Lady Gaga to Bill Clinton and Prince Harry, celebrities love the Sin City and you can spot them if you’re at the right place at the right time. Here are 10 places that you must include in your itinerary:

  •  1OAK at The Mirage
  •  Haze at Aria
  •  Andrea’s at Encore Las Vegas
  •  Body English at Hard Rock Hotel
  •  Lavo at The Palazzo
  •  Wet Republic at MGM Grand Resort
  •  Hakkasan at MGM Grand
  •  XS at Encore at Wynn Las Vegas
  •  Chateau Nightclub at Paris Las Vegas
  •  Marquee Nightclub and Dayclub at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas


So wear your favourite brands, put on your party hat and hit the town, prepared to impress your favourite celebrities as you party where they do.

2014 Beijing Millions Tournament Scores Major Sponsor


International online poker site,, has signed on to sponsor one of the biggest poker tournament events ever played on mainland China. The 2014 Beijing Millions will also be the first Asia Pacific Poker Tour (APPT) event to be held in the country. The event is scheduled to be played from July 18-27 at the beautiful Beijing Star Poker Club located in the Choa Yang District of central Beijing.
As part of their financial commitment to the tournament, has agreed to provide a tournament director and other tournament officials to oversee the event. As the game of poker gains popularity throughout the country, tournaments organizers are pulling out all the stops in order to assure this wonderful event goes off without a hitch. is a veteran sponsor of major events throughout the world, and they should prove to be a valuable asset.

Poker in China
The tournament is being organized by Beijing AoBoTe Sports Culture-Transmitting Company Limited (AoBoTe). AoBoTe is making a huge commitment to the game of poker throughout China and other parts of Asia. The Beijing Millions offers China the opportunity to become a popular poker destination for international players from around the world. As part of a future commitment to the APPT, many further events are in the works.

The Beijing Millions
While some details regarding the tournament’s format are yet to be released, a bit of information has been disclosed to the public. The inaugural Beijing Millions will have a ¥3,000 buy-in (~US$500). Officials have stated that they plan to use the popular Macau Millions event as a model for their own tournament. Local poker pros expected to participate include Raymond Wu, Celina Lin and Bryan Huang as well as Jian Yang, reigning Asia Player of the Year. They figure to be joined by superstars from the U.S., Europe, Macau and Hong Kong.

Jason Strasser Wins Big at Foxwoods

The qualifying rounds of the WSOP 2014 National Championship stopped by the beautiful Foxwoods Resort Casino in Mashantucket, CT recently. After 5 levels of grueling play, one man was left standing out of the final round of 11 players. At the start of this tournament, there were 591 participants. Twenty-Eight year old Jason Strasser, from New York, took the grand prize of $186,600 and became the first entry in the 2014 championship field.


Early in the match, it seemed that Brian Leskowitz would be crowned king as he single handedly knocked several other greats out of the running. John Ting became the first match casualty when his King and Queen fell to Leskowitz’s pocket Jacks. Next to be knocked out was Forrest Mansur and then Frank Pezzullo. Keith Donovan ended up the next casualty at the hands of Leskowitz. All-in-all five of the 11 players were removed by him.

Leskowitz’s luck finally ran out head-to-head against the eventual winner, Strasser. Jason’s pocket Jacks were a bit too much for Brian’s 9 and 7 off-suit. This left Strasser to face Wes Wyvill for the win. After some great back and forth play, Strasser took the crown with a King 5 on-suit. All Wyvill could do at that point is show his Queen of Spades before tossing his cards to the table.

Coming to a Television near You – Poker Night in America

Looking for a sure sign that professional poker is becoming more and more main stream? Rush Street Productions has announced a new TV show that is in the works. Headed by the former boss at Heartland Poker Tour, Todd Anderson, the production company plans to show off the entertainment value and excitement of poker. “We’re looking to film the biggest and best poker events at premier venues.” Anderson said. He also stated “We think the world is ready to watch poker in a whole new way.”

Not only will the new project present great matches and tournaments from around the world, it will also give the viewers an interactive experience. Playing while you watch from home will lead to prizes and even the chance to appear on a future broadcast. The show will feature the cream of the crop when it comes to poker players and also include celebrity appearances. Slated to start airing early in 2014, the show will display poker in a whole new light. Anderson also said “I’ve been involved in poker and TV for the past 8 years and if there’s one thing I’m sure of, it’s that this business is chalk full of fascinating people and stories.”

Will the Bitcoin Ever Fly? Or Even Get Off the Ground?

The Bitcoin Foundation recently met with members from several departments of government. According to the general council for the Bitcoin Foundation, Patrick Murck, the meeting was productive and encouraging. “It was a positive first step for the industry in creating an open and ongoing dialog. I left feeling very encouraged that we were able to dispel some myths and misinformation about how the bitcoin protocol works.”


The meeting, which was held at the US treasury building in Washington, D.C., was scheduled to discuss privacy laws, government involvement and law enforcement. The main fear of the foundation is that government control could put a choke hold on the industry before digital currency even gets rolling. The meeting included bitcoin supporters and fierce skeptics face to face in the same room. This is just the first round of this debate with the next meeting already lined up on Capitol Hill. At least they are talking.

Online Poker in California Squashed Again

After three years of battling, online poker players thought that maybe this time fate would turn in their favor. It doesn’t appear that the outcome, however, is going to be any different. September 13th is the end of this legislative session and the hopes of gamblers in winning this fight are pretty much dashed. State Senator Lou Correa’s amendments to his Internet poker bill isn’t supportive of the gamblers wishes but was met with approval by the San Manuel Band of Mission Indians. The Band is a very powerful tribal gaming group that surprisingly seems to be on the wrong side.


Nobody seems to want to give any ground on this issue. It’s hard enough after the crash of online gambling back on Black Friday to make any headway with lawmakers. It’s also hard enough to bring online gambling back even when proponents agree. But it becomes mission impossible when the proponents tend to fight amongst themselves. Maybe next year will turn out better for the supporters that want to bring online gambling back into their homes.