The PGA (Professional Gamblers Association)

The similarities between the PGA TOUR and the World Series of Poker Tour are jarringly apparent. Both tours are a grueling test of skill and luck, with skill occupying a vast majority of the requirements. While not exactly poker, the 1k ‘3-Day’ Survivor Tournament is another such of these contests, where only one competitor can rise to the rank of The Greatest.


The 1k ‘3-Day’ Survivor tourney is no joke. A whopping 1000 entrants will be selected to take part in this brawl-heavy melee. After dropping the 4 EUR entrance fee, these hopeful gambling greats-to-be will wage an all-out war against each other in hopes of attaining the ultimate victory. This tourney occurs on 2015/10/19 00:10, amid the GMT + 1:00 (BMT) time zone.

Argyle Open online video slot


Why all the talk about golf? Well, take a long, hard look at the Argyle Open online video slot. This golf-themed apparatus succinctly recreates a sunny day on the green, with perfectly-synced visuals and blaring soundtrack. Check out our list of specifics for this entertaining slot:

  • Wild and Scatter functions increase already lucrative payouts!
  • 40 paylines and 5 reels! It is nearly impossible to have a bad run on this machine!
  • The Argyle Open distinguishes itself from other slots with its 2,000,000 coin Max Jackpot!

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