Variations of the Basic game

Draw Poker Games – These games give a player at least one opportunity to replace cards in their hands with new cards. This allows for a bit of speculation on the part of other players. If a player only replaces one card in their hand, this might give a clue that they have a better hand than if they had replaced 3 or 4 cards. The dealer has the power to determine how many dealt cards can be replaced and also which cards are “wild”. There may be just one wild card or as many as 12 as in the rules of Pregnant Threes. Twelve wild cards out of a deck of 52 cards can surely make for exciting hands and games. Some popular draw poker games include:

• 5-card Draw
• Stedman’s
• Jacks or Better
• Wild Widow
• Kings and Little Ones

Stud Poker Games – These games are basically played with some cards dealt to the player face-up, and some cards dealt face-down on the table. The cards facing up are of course visible to all players while the face-down cards are only known to that player. A typical Seven-Card Stud came will eventually have three cards facing down and four facing up for all players while a Five-Card Stud game will end up with one card down and four up. Wild cards can be named by the dealer and another widely used rule is called High/Low. In a High/Low game, the pot is split between the player with the best hand and the player with the worst hand. Typical Stud games other than Five and Seven-Card include:

• Razz
• Seven Takes All
• Monterey
• Sixty-Four
• Homicide
• Take It or Leave It

Hold’em Poker Games – Becoming more popular at this point than Draw or Stud Poker, Hold’em games use cards held in the individual players hands as well as community cards dealt face-up on the table. These games also use blind betting methods instead of normal antes. The game starts with two blind bets (bets placed before any cards are seen). This includes a small blind bet, which is less than the minimum bet, and a large blind that should be double the small bet. Normally the community cards consist of five cards dealt face-down. Three of those cards are turned face-up after the first betting round called “The Flop”, one more after the second round called “The Turn” and the fifth card after the third round called “The River”. These type games are hugely popular in casinos and online sites everywhere. Some examples of Hold’em games include:

• Texas Hold’em
• Omaha
• Double Flop Hold’em
• Irish Hold’em
• Super Eight
• Tahoe

Guts Poker Games – In these games, players have to decide in each turn around the table if they are “in” or “out”. This continues until only one player states that they are “in” and they claim the pot. Some popular Guts games are:

• Monte Carlo
• Alternating Guts
• Three to Five
• Kryptonite